'THE DREAM' – Dream Big Apparel 19


Dream Big is not just a brand but more of a lifestyle. I wanted to create something that could combine today's unique fashion, along with a positive message. Too many times we're so focused on how something looks that we disregard the message it projects. Dream Big is here to show that it is possible to turn heads, while also still portraying a positive message. Dream Big is a movement that caters to all age groups, because you never reach an age where you must stop dreaming. We're here to encourage you to chase your dreams, no matter how BIG they may be! Customers are always encouraged to display their own unique sense of style while wearing Dream Big Apparel and most importantly keeping one theme in mind "Keep the Dream Alive".





I am Noah Banks, Creator and CEO of Dream Big Apparel. I've always had a passion for style and fashion since I was a child. It started off as keeping up with the trends like every other kid, but I always knew my mindset was much bigger than that. Starting my own clothing brand was the perfect way that I could take my own ideas, express them, and start my own trends. The idea "Dream Big" came from my childhood background of growing up in a small town, where there were not many avenues to "success". While I was a child the American dream was to go to college, get a degree, and get a job. Since I became an adult, I’ve learned that that does not have to be my recipe for success. In real time today, we can pursue whatever idea we dream and the only obstacle in the way is YOU! I'm stepping out of my own way, chasing my dreams, and hopefully I can inspire you to come along with me!!